Stoke-on Trent update

by Sr Mary Felix

On Saturday October 29th the parish of Our Lady and the Angels and St Peter-in-Chains, Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent, held a reflective day on Sts. Dominic and Catherine of Sienna, given by Elizabeth Rees a well known author of books on Celtic spirituality. 

Our day started with our being warmly welcomed by the parish priest, Fr. Michael Miners and his Deacon, Tony Bradshaw, into their warm and recently renovated church which looked lovely with its many statues of Dominican saints.  The celebration of Holy Mass followed at 10 am, which gave us a good start to the day.

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Vocations Weekend

Called To Preach?


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The Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Year of Mercy

by Sr Ann Catherine Swailes

If you were producing a film, and wanted to convey that the central characters were Catholic, one of the easiest ways of doing so would be to show a shot of a picture on the wall of the family home, depicting a long-haired, bearded man in a red cloak, with a stylised heart visible on his white tunic; a heart which, on closer examination, would most likely prove to be surrounded with flames and adorned with a crown of thorns. The imagery of the Sacred Heart, in other words is easily recognisable as a “Catholic thing”, along with rosary beads, for instance, or crucifixes.

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The Nature of Faith

CEPHAS  Centre for Philosophy and Theology at Stone

A three-day symposium on the nature of Faith 14th -17th July


To celebrate the 800th anniversary year of the Dominican Order, CEPHAS held a three day symposium on the nature of Faith from Thursday evening July 14, departing after lunch on Sunday 17th.


Dante called St Dominic the ‘lover of the Christian faith’, and imagined a mystical marriage between the Dominican Order’s founder and ‘Lady Faith’.

But what is faith? What is it to believe? Is it a moral or an intellectual virtue? Do we believe with the heart or the head? Is it private or public? How does faith come about?

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How the Gospel Stands

A Sermon for the Golden Jubilees of Srs Pauline and Angela Mary Saturday Sept 3rd 2016  

Fr.Aidan Nichols o.p.  

A peculiar kind of mission"  I expect almost everyone here will be aware that this is the title of a book about the the English Dominican Congregation by Anselm Nye.  I'd skimmed the book when it first appeared, and only read it properly when Sr Mary Pauline and Sr Angela Mary asked  me to prepare a homily for this occasion. 

It came as rather a shock to discover that the words “a peculiar kind of mission,” written by Archbishop Errington, the co-adjutor with right of succession to the first Archbishop of Westminster, were intended as a criticism, and in fact, as a dismissal. 

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To Praise, To Bless, To Preach.