Mercy and the hope for heaven

by Sr Tamsin Mary Geach

After a very few days in Lourdes, if one has been doing the thing properly and not spent too disproportionate an amount of time in the bars and cafes rather than in the hospitals shrines and baths, one will be struck with the sense of one’s own inadequacy, and a type of marvel at how wonderful many other people are.  One may then be struck with fear when one contemplates one’s own inadequacy, apathy and general lack of lustre.  There is nothing like the contemplation of people who really suffer, and the people who really serve to show up our own inadequate response to the love of God, to the demands of charity, or even of common kindness. 

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Study for Mission

A talk given at our most recent vocations weekend by Sr Tamsin Geach o.p.

Intrinsic to the Dominican vocation are the ‘four pillars’ of Study, Prayer, Community life and Preaching or the mission.  I shall explore how study fits into Dominican life under the following headings:

1. Models of Study

2. Study and conformity to Christ

3. An intellectual life that is  counter-cultural

4. Study as a source of unity

5. Study as asceticism

6. Study as mission

7. Stewardship

8. Freedom from and freedom for.


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Colouring the Calendar

 by Sr Ann Catherine Swailes

The observant among you will have noticed that at the moment the clothes worn by the priest at mass are not white, red or purple, but green, and, with a few interruptions, this will be the case until the beginning of Advent. What is the significance of all this?

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A retreat given at Stone to the community of St Dominic's Convent, Stone, by Fr Nicholas Crowe on Wednesday May 25th 2016

Fr.Nick  chose to take a look at discipleship – and in particular, religious life -  from its New Testament roots.  We have a responsibility to look at fundamentals, because we have to ‘stand in the shoes’ of younger people who are searching for their way ahead.

 Jesus summons people in three ways to follow him:     

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To Praise, To Bless, To Preach.