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We are the English Dominican Congregation of St Catherine of Siena, a religious community of apostolic life, following the rule of St. Augustine as Dominican Sisters.


The primary purpose of our Order and Congregation is to serve God through prayer and mission, principally by preaching



As Dominicans, we strive to follow  the mission of St Dominic in the four-fold dimensions of prayer, study, community life and mission 


Community Life As Dominicans, our religious life is essentially lived in community, a sign in the Church and in the world of that fellowship in Christ to which all are called. We try to dwell in unity and to have but one soul and one heart in God.  Thus, among ourselves, we strive to live in mutual trust, affirmation and mercy. Read More     

Mutual trust and affirmation    

Prayer is at the centre of our religious life.  The celebration of the Eucharist has first place in our community prayer.  Our days are structured around praying the Divine Office in common.  Other private prayers include the Rosary, prayer for the departed, and regular spiritual reading, especially of the Holy Scriptures.  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a regular part of the sisters' lives Read More 

StudyThe charism of the Dominican Order is contained in our great motto ‘Veritas’ (‘Truth’). Dominican sisters, as members of the Order of Preachers, and whether or not they are involved in academic work, are committed to devoting time and energy to increasing their knowledge and deepening their understanding of the Wisdom of God.  Dominican study is not simply an exercise in acquiring paper qualifications, or even the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake, but should always be directed to a deeper knowledge of the things of God, enabling us, in the words of our third motto ‘To praise, To bless and to preach (Laudare Benedicere, Praedicare)Read More


Preaching at Advent vespers

Mission:   ‘Preaching’ is the general title of our mission. We understandthis very broadly, and sisters work in a broad field of differing apostolates.   The golden thread which links all of these is the recognition of the goodness of God’s creation, and the essential dignity of humanity made in His image. The Congregation has overall responsibility for two institutions, St.Mary's Home and St Rose's school, but sisters also work in a variety of missions, usually (but not exclusively) under the broad headings of education, chaplaincy and health-care.  Read More

Vocation: God is the primary source of our vocation as Christians.  Within that call some are called to a deeper living out of their baptismal commitment in religious life.  Could that person be you?  Explore our Vocation and Formation page here, or have a look at some answers to the most frequently asked questions: Read More


All of our houses are currently in England.  We have houses in Stone, Staffordshire; CambridgeLeicester; and Stroud, Gloucestershire. The sisters support their local communities in a variety of missions including teaching, chaplaincy and hospital work Read More  

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