What is a St Thomas Weekend?

By Sr Valery Walker o.p.

TWO OR THREE times a year, St. Dominic’s Convent, Stone, Staffordshire, hosts a St Thomas Aquinas Study Weekend.  These weekends focus on an aspect of our Catholic Faith, on what it means to be human, for example; or on the Passion of Our Lord, or the faith of Our Lady.

The topics are studied under the guidance of St Thomas Aquinas, who in his Summa Theologiaehas left us both rich material and a helpful method of approach. His teaching method is based on his understanding of how we learn: how we build new material into or onto our current grasp of the subject being considered. It is a slow method, but designed to develop understanding, rather than relying on memory. There are talks, usually given by a Dominican friar, and discussions.

CEPHAS philosophy
Dr George Corbett writes: ‘The posing of questions, discussion, and turning to the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition (whether in modern encyclicals or the works of Aquinas) is, for us, the purpose (and joy) of CEPHAS, which Sr Valery and I set up in 2012. ‘Due to the support and generosity of the Dominican sisters, we have held long-weekend courses in Stone Convent, Staffordshire, over the past seven years.A community of friends (seven of them
lay Dominicans this year!) has built up at CEPHAS, although we always welcome new participants.’

As a participant commented, ‘The sense of community was wonderful– very welcoming and a supportive atmosphere in which to voice thoughts and pose questions’.

Programme for 2019

8–10 Feb The Incarnation. What is it? Why is it?
With Fr Dominic Ryan OP.

29–31 Mar
Christ’s Priesthood in the Old Testament.
With Fr Richard Ounsworth OP.

27–30 Jun
CEPHAS philosophy. With Dr George Corbett.

For information about upcoming courses, please visit www.cephas.org.uk

Contact: Sr Valery Walker OP
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