Carol for the Baptism of the Lord

by Sr Tamsin Mary Geach o.p.

Baptism of the Lord
Stained glass from St John the Beloved in McLean, VA

As at Bethlehem the star

Led the wise from country far 

As they bowed with praises meet

At their infant Saviour's feet

So we bow before him here

Serving him with holy fear


As did John at Jordan’s side

Know his Lord when heaven replied

As the water learned to heal

From the Saviour’s touch and seal

So may we approach the flood

Of his bounteous healing blood


As at Cana by a sign

Water reddened into wine

As the desert-stricken rock

Watered Israel's wandering flock

So with manna we are fed

With the true and heavenly  bread


Here we have no star to shine

But may drink his Blood like wine

Hear the Voice that heaven rends

Mercy on his people sends

Here the Spirit as a Dove

Signs our heads with heavenly love

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