The Mystery of Christ According to St Thomas: A New Lecture course

by Sr Mary Magdalene Eitenmiller o.p.

I will be offering a Thomistic Studies course on The Mystery of Christ according to St. Thomas. The 9-week class runs from March 4 - April 29, each Friday night at 7:30 pm online (with recordings available if you need to miss or just want to watch it again.)
A course description, syllabus, and link to register are available at .
I realize that some of you have already attended this class previously, but I would appreciate your help in getting the word out, too.

What is the Synod, and why should we be interested?

by Sr Ann Caherine Swailes o.p.

What is a synod? have there been synods before?  Can a synod change Chuch doctrine?  In a talk at Fisher house where she works as a chaplain, Sr Ann addresses these and many other questions in relation to the upcoming 'Synod on Synodality' put forward by Pope Francis. Click on the image to see the video

Prayer – the Spark of Divine Love

by Sr Tamsin Mary Geach o.p.

Why do we want to pray?   Prayer is at base the development of our relationship of Love with God.  While I was preparing this talk I was given a firm reminder of my place in all this by a reading from the Divine Office: 

‘Love of God is not something that can be taught. We did not learn from someone else how to rejoice in light or want to live, or to love our parents or guardians. It is the same – perhaps even more so – with our love for God: it does not come by another’s teaching.  As soon as the living creature (that is, man) comes to be, a power of reason is implanted in us like a seed, containing within it the ability and the need to love. When the school of God’s law admits this power of reason, it cultivates it diligently, skilfully nurtures it, and with God’s help brings it to perfection.

 For this reason, as by God’s gift, I find you with the zeal necessary to attain this end, and you on your part help me with your prayers

Read more …Prayer – the Spark of Divine Love

Is it worth it?

by Sr. Tamsin Mary Geach o.p.


A photograph by Lawrence Lew o.p.
                                            Puer Natus Est!

Is it worth it? All the fuss and the packaging and the tree and the turkey (or goose if it's my family)? Is it worth the risk of family rows? Is it worth the travelling the expense, the stress? Well, you have not travelled so far as God travelled, from eternity to time; you have not three-and thirty years of emptying yourself so as to fill everyone else; If you are looking at this, you are unlikely to have travelled as Mary did, pregnant and uncertain of where in the end she would lay her head, trusting in God that it would be indoors not outside in the street when the child was born. And all of this was done so that you could have joy, and life and peace. And it is worth it because,  because of that journey and that birth, men of goodwill in every place rest and give each other good cheer, even if many have little concept of why they do this - that A Saviour HAS BEEN BORN TO US WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD!!! Happy Christmas. 

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