A New Studio!

Studio seen from outside

ON Sunday 18th November we had the official opening of Sr Marie's new studio, with a blessing by Fr Dominic White o.p.  Fr. Dominic preached on the imprtance of art in preaching, as a medium that will touch hearts when words no longer function.  He then blessed the studio, concluding with a prayer adaptedd from a section of John Paul II's Letter to artists  We all enjoyed the beautiful exhibition of Sr Marie's photographic art.  
The studio will be one of those taking part in the 'open studios' event in Cambridge on November 25th and December 2nd between 2,00-7.00 pm. at 153 Huntingdon Rd Cambridge.  All welcome!

All time belongs to him.

by Sr Ann Catherine Swailes

Autumn days

Every year in Oxford, on 1st May, crowds gather in the early morning outside Magdalen College. At precisely 6am, the chapel choir appears at the top of the tower, singing hymns and madrigals to welcome the coming summer.

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by Sr Tamsin Mary

All Souls, Blessing the graves

Today we saw the laying of wreaths at the Cenotaph.   For the soldiers who marched it was a remembrance of lost companions, and for most who watched, either at home or in London, or who attended similar events in their home towns, a reminder of the uncle, the grandfather, the brother or the sister, mother, aunt who did not come home, or who was lost in the bombing raids.  No family in these islands went untouched, though some were luckier.

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Why did you have your child baptised?

by Sr Tamsin Mary  A talk for parents of first communicants

In the next couple of weeks we will be talking to your children about baptism, and they will perhaps ask you questions. This session is a reflection on the type of answer you might want to give to them. 
Between seven and ten years ago you became the parents of a new little person. Your lives changed forever, and you entered (or re-entered) a world of sleep deprivation and nappies, baby-grows and feeding times. In among all of this you fell in love. And you chose to have your baby baptised. 
What were you thinking, what were you doing when you did that?

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