St Francis

by Sr Jadwiga Swiatecka

Most lovely lyricist and courteous troubadour

Francis! Knight errant in a quest divine;

Joyful in suffering, rich in being poor,

Teach me your song, and make its cadence mine!


Let me,  too, follow where your  feet have trod:

Through flowers and thorns

Birds, beasts (and hurting men)

Along the love-strewn path which leads to God

Making this world a paradise again.


St Thomas Aquinas Study Weekends


 Contact: Sr Valery Walker OP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. St. Dominic’s Convent, Station Rd.   Stone, Staffs ST15 8EN

TWO OR THREE times a year, St. Dominic’s Convent, Stone, Staffordshire, hosts a St Thomas Aquinas Study Weekend. These weekends focus on an aspect of our Catholic Faith: on what it means to be human, for example, or on the Beatitudes.  There are talks and discussions.The topics are studied under the guidance of St Thomas Aquinas, who in his Summa Theologiae has left us both rich material and a helpful method of approach.

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Hymn for St Rose's Day

by Sr Anna Mary House

He is a gardener,  and in his garden grows
Of ev'ry kind both fruits and flowers,
Warmed by his sun,  refreshed with showers,
And there a fragrant lily blows
And here there springs a perfect rose.
She is a gardener, and to her work she goes
To learn with Jesus by her side -
Living His life,  herself denied -
And grace implanted thrives and grows
Till she becomes a perfect Rose.     

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