Ruach Adonai

by Sr Tamsin Geach o.p.

Our Lady of Pentecost by Lawrence Lew o.p.
Our Lady of Pentecost

The last few weeks, Eastertide have been exploring the nature of Christ.  First of all we looked at how He was in His Risen nature truly human – able to eat, be touched, talk, share experiences, have breakfast.  In this second half of Lent we are looking at Jesus in His Divine Nature, as the  Second Person of the Trinity.   So in week 4 of Eastertide we saw Jesus using the divine name , ‘I am’, and last week we continued in this theme. 
This week we begin the preparation for the Sending of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and in this context we are introduced to God as Trinity:  ‘I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you for ever, that Spirit of truth.’


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Aquinas on the Passions, Talk 3, On Hatred [ST I-II, q. 29]

by Sr. Mary Magdalene Eitenmiller o.p.

This 'Aquinas on the Passions' video focuses on Hatred as both a passion and a vice, according to St. Thomas. For an overview of the 11 main passions as well a few slides explaining them, please watch the first talk, "Passions and Virtues in a Time of Distress," here.  This series, Thomistic Studies,  is for people interested in studying the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and applying it to daily life. 

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Mary’s Month

Sr. Ann Catherine Swaileso.p.

May is Mary’s month and I/muse at that, and wonder why?

So begins a poem called “The May Magnificat”, by Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ.

May is, of course, Mary’s month; around this time in other years many of us will have participated in pilgrimages, processions, May devotions of one sort or another; last year we even had our very own coronation ceremony in honour of Our Lady in the Mary Garden on the roof terrace, complete with a very miniature crown made from tiny flowers, and with a spirited rendition of Fr Mark’s very favourite Marian hymn, Bring Flowers of the Fairest (I believe the video might still be available).  Perhaps we too have vaguely wondered why this month is especially dedicated to Our Lady: after all, as Fr Hopkins goes on to remind us in his poem, in general, “her feasts follow reason/dated due to season”. The timing of Liturgical celebrations commemorating events in the life of Mary in other words, have a certain, quite down to earth, rationale behind them.  So, for instance, the Annunciation, when Mary conceives Jesus, occurs on 25th March, exactly 9 months before Christmas; her own birthday is celebrated on 9th September, equally exactly 9 months after we commemorate her Immaculate Conception on 8th December.

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